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Atasu Water Corp. is a well established Natural Water bottling company, and subsidiary of Polsan which is a social service plant of Turkish Constabulary. At Atasu company, we have mission of bottling with high technology our water securely without ozonization. Our natural mineral water comes straight from source 10 km far from bottling facility. The natural enviroment of the water source is fully protected, with no buildings or facilities that can cause water polution. Having more than 20 brands under its trademark, Atasu serves natural mineral water with private production (contract, manufacturing / OEM) services. We proudly manufacture for numerous World-known brands in Europe, Japan, USA and Turkey. Our top knotch design team assist our clients in product/brand development utilization a long history of industry expertise. We operate: 3 different bottling lines are under computer control; Line 1: 0.20 L - 0.33 L – 0.5 L 40000 bottle/hour, 1 L – 1.5 L 29500 bottle/hour Line 2: 5 L 6000 bottle/hour Line 3: 19 L 1800 bottle/hour – This is the bottle producing with no chemical subtance like BPA (Bisphenol Free) availably in only in our facility. Please let us know which item category you would be interest in terms of package sizes, cap types (flat/sport, destination market/port and/or target prices so that we can prepare price quotation for you.

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